I like the idea of a virtual game of telephone tag that might just lead these folks down a country road to the farm of their dreams! Good luck!

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wanted forever farm

My hubby and I have spent our Saturday mornings for quite some time driving out to Langley to pick up chicken feed, go to the livestock auction, have breaky at Otter Co-op and drive around drooling over farms.

Chatting with Joel Salatin about our farming aspirations and the challenges we face in finding our forever farm, he made a point that stuck with me. We must not forget that there are lots of old-timer farmers out there with the opposite worry: how am I going to get OUT of farming?

More than half of current principle farm operators are over the age of 55. In the next 20 years, 70 percent of farmland will change hands.

Many of these folks don’t want to see their beloved farms turned into golf-courses, or worse yet, a suburban sub-division. But if you don’t have (willing) family to pass the farm to, what do…

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