Goats! Destroyers of Brambles!

Running east-west along our north property line is a spectacular stand of thorny blackberries. While this might be considered the neighbour’s problem, in fact, this bramble patch has made my goats very, very happy.

I had read about fences like these being used by commercial goat-aided-brush-removal services in the USA (apparently there are goat herders down there who have contracts with places like national parks and highway maintenance departments) but had never seen one until one showed up at our local Buckerfield’s feed store.

Easily installed, amazingly tangle-free, we hooked the goat barricade into my electric horse fencing and, voila – the goats were contained and happily set to work.

All four goats have been gobbling away at this project. Not only are they steadily removing the pesky blackberries, they are also pruning the row of cedars along the property line and merrily fertilizing the newly revealed grass as they go.

Our goats are browsers rather than grazers, so though they might have a taste of grass every now and then, their preference is to munch on the bushes, shrubs, and prickly things that had created a complete wilderness thicket.

Goats are happy. Neighbours are happy. I am happy.

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