Without warning I found myself

… in Alaska… On a boat… A large boat… Watching my daughter get married.


The coolest part about this photo is not that there’s a glacier behind me or that it was actually quite chilly, but that the hat I’m wearing was made by the lovely Leola from wool produced from our sheep!!

The newlyweds!

Getting married by Captain Gus aboard the Disney Wonder is a pretty fun way to get the job done!

It was lovely to spend some time with family away from the responsibilities of home. Many thanks to Jo and Marcel who held the fort while we were gone!

Midsummer Night Sky


One of the glorious things about this time of year is how long the days are… By ten pm I am still scurrying around, putting the last of the chickens to bed. One of the worst things about this time of year is that at ten pm, I am still scurrying around putting the last of the chickens to bed…

Shearing Day

Pieter, the sheep-shearer in action…

So quick, smooth, and efficient!

So quick, smooth, and efficient!

Spot the Difference: Farmstand Edition

Each week we should give a prize to the first person who correctly identifies the changes we’ve made to the amazing portable farm stand! We didn’t quite get it 100% done before the first week of the Peninsula Country Market, so each week we are squeezing in a bit of work time to tick another item off the To-Do list…


Very Quiet Sheep

After the shearing was done, from a distance it looked like all the sheep had lined up neatly along the fence and fallen sound asleep! Can’t wait to see what Leola (of Leola’s Studio in Duncan) will get up to with those piles of fluff!


Summer is Here!!

20140612-064825.jpg Our warm spring has meant tons of good grazing and an early hay cut for the animals and a garden bursting with yumminess for us (and our CSA and market customers!)

From Grass to Goodies

The horses coming in from their morning grazing session…