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Which Woodle is Which?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where one woodle starts and the other ends! Pippi and Tuuli wait patiently each morning more or less in this position, I think so neither one can sneak off without the other noticing. They remain immobile while I have breakfast, get dressed, check email, gather scraps for chickens and hogs, and all the other various things I do before I’m ready to head out the door for morning rounds. The minute I touch my boots out in the hall it’s like a bolt of electricity shoots through them and they leap off the bed and race to the mushroom to join me. There they stand side by side, long tails wagging in unison, raring to go. From that point in time until we get back to the house a couple of hours later they are in perpetual motion, busy, busy, busy being high energy farm dogs. After we get back they revert to being bed-warmers, a job they enjoy immensely and do with much enthusiasm.