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Video Poll Dead Heat

And a bit of a slow heat, at that…

A little while back I thought I’d ask what animals you’d like to see in future DCF videos, but the votes come in and then promptly cancel each other out! As I write this post, there’s a dead heat for ducks, turkeys, hogs, and goats! So, here’s the poll again so we can get some tie-breaking happening:

While we are all waiting for the results to sort themselves out and provide some clear direction, here’s a short (very) video featuring an animal not on the list:

Fritz Frizzle

An aerial shot of Fritz, a delightful bantam rooster we acquired from friends in town when one of their ‘hens’ started cock-a-doodling. Somewhat incredibly, he and Wimpy get along just fine, mostly ignoring each other except for the occasional yodelled exchange. Neither being a fighter, they wait until they are at opposite ends of the orchard before exchanging a few words. Then, they carry on with life as if the other didn’t exist in some strange roosterly detente.


Which Woodle is Which?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where one woodle starts and the other ends! Pippi and Tuuli wait patiently each morning more or less in this position, I think so neither one can sneak off without the other noticing. They remain immobile while I have breakfast, get dressed, check email, gather scraps for chickens and hogs, and all the other various things I do before I’m ready to head out the door for morning rounds. The minute I touch my boots out in the hall it’s like a bolt of electricity shoots through them and they leap off the bed and race to the mushroom to join me. There they stand side by side, long tails wagging in unison, raring to go. From that point in time until we get back to the house a couple of hours later they are in perpetual motion, busy, busy, busy being high energy farm dogs. After we get back they revert to being bed-warmers, a job they enjoy immensely and do with much enthusiasm.


Shelf Eggs Come up a Little Short on Value

I know I like how our eggs taste… and I know I like how happy our chickens seem to be… But this chart appeases the science nerd part of my brain!

TBN Ranch Chicken Keeping Resources

Pastured Chicken’s Eggs…  the Better Egg.

Egg ChartMaybe it’s time to find a local farmers market… or better yet, keep a few hens of your own to supply your family with fresh nutritious eggs.

Pecking Chicks

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Food Safety Matters

For my farming and foodie friends south of the 49th… And really, shouldn’t we all be foodies?

Small Pond Farm


We try not to be too politically charged, or preachy about what we believe when it comes to farming practices or life in general.  Everyone should be able to choose for themselves what they consider right.  However, the government is taking one of its most significant moves since 1938 in changing regulations about food safety.  Many measures are welcome, but anytime the government tries to make one thing better, its impact is felt in many ways beyond the intended target.  If you are shopping at farmers markets, local food hubs, or CSA’s on a regular basis, we’re guessing you care about these issues, too.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was passed into law in January of this year.  This new law is the culmination of congressional efforts to give FDA greater authority and guidelines to improve food safety for consumers in the US.  It has many measures that seem…

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Testing Brio

There’s nothing like the rumble, roar, thump, clunk and bang of a backhoe working in the next ring over to test the mental state of a young horse just getting started under saddle. Thank goodness Conbrio is much quieter than her mother or her rider might well have been launched into orbit today! As it was, she was curious and alert, watchful and a tad distracted but not really worried. That laid back attitude is what makes her such a great pony and what will also make her excellent as a driving pony. Now, all we have to do is find a few extra hours in the day to get back to our carriage restoration project!


Same View

… From the hay loft, but this time there is actually a view and not a fog bank!