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Electra out enjoying the sun after I moved the electric goat fencing to a new patch of brambles and grass…


Oh my but these little dudes are cute!! Nine were hatched under two nest-sharing ducks and the tenth I brought inside and finished in the incubator with the turkey eggs after the egg was kicked out of the nest about halfway through the incubation period. After it hatched I gave him back to his moms and everyone seems to be getting along just fine.

Turkey Poult Hatching

It never gets boring to watch the little guys bursting forth out of their eggs. Even though they unfold and emerge before your eyes, it just doesn’t seem possible that they could possibly fit inside that little egg!!


Tweaking Turkey Temperatures


It’s harder than you might think to get the temperature perfectly adjusted so our precious new turkey poults are comfortable!! Four have hatched so far and things are looking good in the incubators. People don’t give turkeys a lot of credit for their intelligence, but I have yet to see a turkey hen running about with thermometers to determine the best temperature for raising babies!!


Horses and hogs