Monthly Archives: December 2011

Critters in the Snow

I have no idea what my ponies enjoy about standing around outside when the snow starts flying. Even though they have access to shelters, their thick double coats seem to provide enough protection that they often prefer to brave the elements than stay sensibly inside. That’s Bonny to the right and Brio closer to the camera. Note that Brio has inherited her mother’s glorious broad rump.

Frances, on the other hand, has it all figured out. She burrows into her deep pile of hay, makes a nest, and snoozes until either a) more food arrives or b) the weather improves.



Nosmo and King (the Kashmir goats) have such a thick layer of soft insulation that the snow takes forever to melt even after they come inside the barn. Mind you, the goats are far less likely to venture outside in inclement weather. This afternoon, they saw me coming with the hay and decided to trot out into the blizzard to meet me at the gate.



Pippi is just confused by the snow. She thinks it should be fun to eat, play with, roll in, dive into – and then she’s shocked when she winds up chilled to the bone. This, however, leads to a very entertaining reunion with the couch after she gets back to the house. She digs furiously at the blanket, fluffs up the pillows, dives under the pillows, spins around in place six times, wipes her face on the blanket and then repeats the whole process a couple of times before flaking out with a huge sigh.

A classic from the archives…

I’ve spent the last couple of hours searching for any photos of mountains in winter that I might have lurking on my hard drive (needed for a project I’m working on)… Because my filing system leaves something to be desired, this means I’ve been scrolling through about 50,000 or so images – my head is about to explode! But along the way, I’ve stumbled on a few random photos I’d totally forgotten about including this one of me in a cupcake pink dress and bonnet (!!) reading one of my books to the lovely Miss Emma. Emma is no longer with us, alas, but I have quite a charming set of photos of the pony reading various horsey books…