Monthly Archives: January 2011

I love my power tools!

I must say that using a power grinder is much, much easier than filing a hunk of steel by hand! Toryn (a most helpful friend of Dani’s) and I modified the brown horse trailer so the dividers from

the blue horse trailer would fit. At least, we’ve accomplished most of what we need to do. The bottom pins are only temporarily anchored. Toryn (I’m not kidding when I say he’s helpful) is going to make a pair of mounting brackets into which the lower pins will slip. Meanwhile, though, we can comfortably load three horses and keep them all safely separated while on the road! Most excellent!

Welcome to Dark Creek Farm

Bonny and Brio, summer 2009

Dark Creek Farm is a hobby farm on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island, near Victoria British Columbia. We have a Section D welsh cob, a hackney x section D, and a Section D x Gypsy Vanner, a miniature horse who is in 4-H learning to drive, goats (kashmere, alpine, and Nigerian Dwarf), Muscovy Ducks, dogs, cats, hogs, and produce. We use our goats for fibre,  dairy, and brush clearing and will be expanding into Icelandic sheep, chickens, and other projects through 2012 and beyond. Please check back over the next few months for updates.